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November 13, 2007 / TildeWill

So Now I’m Wondering

What would it be like if I did without the things I do not need? I certainly don’t need a several hundred square foot apartment. I don’t need a computer at home. I don’t need a microwave. The list is quite long, things I have that I don’t need to do the other things in my life.

What if I lived in a shoebox of a place, rode the bus to work, and owned only a week’s worth of work clothes and one pair of shoes? Or what if I took it a step further, and shared everything? What if I lived in a small place with six people, and we shared our clothes, and everything else? Owning nothing, yet having everything I need to do the things like work. I might be able to make the adjustment of not having a giant bed, but could I give up my privacy? Could I give up the flexibility of having my own stuff?

And then it begs the question, “What would be gained?” Indeed. Perhaps some resource reallocation, more of my income could go further. But on a personal level, it seems like I would have to strengthen my relationships with other people whether I wanted to or not. Sharing life with others has always been important to me. I wonder…


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  1. stabbysox / Nov 14 2007 11:26 am

    you going to go thoreau?

    i’ll never be one to believe that all materialism is bad. some can take existentialism too far… into general apathy.

    but i do get a giggle out of wealth signifiers. display those plumes, peacocks!

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