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October 15, 2007 / TildeWill

Love The Next Person That Walks By

If I asked you to love the next person that walked by, you’d say I’m crazy. Of course if you’re me you might wonder if the next person was someone great. But even so, what if you did love that person with all of your heart, just like I asked you to do (well “told” you to do, but “asked” seems nicer now that we’re a few sentences into it), and they didn’t love you back. Or what if they flat out rejected your love? What then?

You’d probably kick my ass. That’s what.

Love is tough, and when a person goes through the effort to love someone, he/she does so in hopes that it will at least be appreciated, if not reciprocated. What you need is for me to tell you to love the next person who walks by, and to have told the next person walking by to love you. if you knew that, you’d be on board all the way I bet. Let that steep in your brain for a while.


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