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September 25, 2007 / TildeWill

Girl Lab

I wonder what the market potential would be for a web site where you send in your emails, IM conversations, and other digital correspondence with a woman. A team of women review it, then send you back a report of whether she’s in to you or not. I wonder if women would want a similar service for guys.


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  1. anthogna / Sep 26 2007 6:44 am

    In both cases, you’re operating on the assumption that men and women speak different languages, or that a set of “all women” would be able to conclusively decrypt said language when spoken by other women. Do you think that a group of men would be able to decrypt your more sensitive and emotional version of “Mars-talk” for women?

    Despite the work of Dr. John Gray, he set gender relations down several notches with “Men are from Mars…” Men and Women both come from the combination of human egg and sperm. It’s the wide spectrum of gender stereotypes (both against men and women) pervading our society that create this “appearance” of inherent differences. Setting aside pre-conceived notions of how people interact (even if only one party is doing sets them aside) is a great first step to interacting better with someone.

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