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September 15, 2007 / TildeWill


I was going to write about how Fall is upon us, and how it is my favorite season. But instead, I’ve realized there are not four seasons, there are only two: The Season of RAGE, and the off season. The Season of RAGE (SoR) runs from the first email I get in the Fall regarding the USACFC, till the last email I get in the late Spring, early Summer that says “We’ll wait till the Fall to deal with the rest”.

We are no longer in the off-season.

The format, which may or may not have been decided, is still a secret, the venue, may or may not actually let them host it there, and, AND, the president still insists on 1) not using the Yahoo! group to send out emails, AND 2) in his own custom list, he didn’t have contact for the Purdue Fencing Club. DESPITE the fact that our email has been the same for the past 5 years of participation, DESPITE the fact that I’m still the coach, DESPITE the fact that I also ran for president last year, that I’m an active member of a committee for the USACFC and outspoken critic.


Oh and btw, IU, the club that hosted last year’s tournament, they haven’t been paid. This thing happened in March.


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