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September 9, 2007 / TildeWill

Stress Reduction

I’ve been freaking out lately. Fencing 3 nights at Purdue, 4 at RCF, and if you haven’t noticed, there’s only 5 days in the work week, meaning some nights I’d double up. TO help combat my new schedule and the stress it would put on me, I’ve decided to discontinue giving private lessons for the time being. It lets me fence and get some physical activity in for myself which is a stress outlet for me. It also means that I have to plan that many fewer lessons throughout the week.

Work is interesting because we’re finishing up one project and gearing up to start another. We’ll have our new developer, Kate, on hand which is a very good thing. We’re also interviewing people as a project manager (Program Lead we call it for reasons I don’t want to start to understand). I’m among those people to be interviewed, Monday that goes down. The new job would take me away from the code, which I’d miss, but it would be more stable hours, probably more money, and it would pander well to my written and oral skills. It would also get me on the phone more which is an area I need to grow in.


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