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August 20, 2007 / TildeWill

More About Jersey Girl

Preface: I really hope I don’t offend her, or embarrass her in a bad way, or make her think I’m head over heels for her in a way that will only leave me feeling disappointed. What I hope to do in the post that follows is to tell everyone about this person who continues to impress me, a person who is a reminder that I can be impressive to quality people like herself. So here goes…

I met Laura in the Summer of 2006 in a far off land known as Colorado Springs, CO. We were there for coach’s college (fencing that is), but our reasons for going were very different. I found myself separated from my club and was seeking a reattachment. She was roped in to being the coach of the high school varsity fencing program where she teaches English.

Right from the start I knew I liked her. It was easy to catch a guy’s attention when you’re one of only a handful of girls around, and Laura certainly had them all beat on looks in my book. When they called her up front on the first night to hand her the course materials I made sure to write down her name. Soon after I found myself in a conversation with her about our sabre lessons, talking about what we had  covered and I realized how much that helped me, just to talk. Several days later I wrote in my journal “Laying here in the grass in the park would be so much nicer with Laura here with me to talk to.” I think that pretty much sums it up.

She’s supportive. Have you ever met someone and they look at you and tell you “I’m sure you’ll meet someone” or “I bet the next Mrs. Right is just around the corner” and you find yourself skeptical, but with a little bit more hope than you had before she said it? That’s Laura. She wrote all kinds of positive, encouraging things on my whiteboard, things I get to look at every time I leave my apartment.

This weekend she shared some of her goals and dreams with me. There was a comfortable amount of reservation too, telling me she was willing to open up to people, but she also wanted to get to know a person, to understand him. She was playful at the Indy Children’s Museum, and serious when we talked about the things that were important to us. She laughed at my jokes, played along with my stories, and jumped in feet first when put in to a new group of people. She was decisive when asked for an opinion, and accommodating when requests were made of her.

Laura packed lightly for a three day trip. She showed a mastery of both diction AND logic throughout her stay. She displayed creativity when I presented problems I had struggled with. She showed passion and emotion when the speeches were given at the reception.

If there was such a thing as a dating resume, then I would hope she would use this as a letter of reference when she decides to put herself out there again. “To a wonderful girl, may you find yourself happy in all aspects of life! Cheers!”


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