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August 19, 2007 / TildeWill

A Twenty-Something Goddess

When I asked Laura what she’d like to be called other than “woman” she said “how about ‘a twenty-something goddess?'”. I laughed because I thought it was at least a slight exaggeration. This past weekend however, has proven me wrong.

I picked her up from the airport right on time at 1pm. We drove to Lafayette stopping for Subway along the way. We talked about previous weddings she’d been to, her upcoming birthday, and a bit about theater. Once we made it back to my place, we took a quick foot-tour of Purdue’s campus so she could see what my college life was like. Then I cooked some pork chops, corn, potatoes, and crescent rolls. As we finished our last bite we were out the door on our way to RCF so she could see the club and see me fence/coach.

She got to meet my fencers, the characters in so many of my stories. They got to meet her which made me super happy because now I can tell them all the good things about her and they can put a face to the name. A new fencer showed up and as I talked she jumped right in and started writing things down for him. Wow, it made me feel all warm inside with just that simple act of kindness. Then back at my place we sat out on my porch and wound down the evening.

Saturday we kicked off the morning with homemade chocolate chip pancakes, then hit the road for Indy where Bruno was getting married. We checked in to the Columbia Club hotel on Monument Circle and then took a stroll around the circle. We found a Civil War museum underneath the monument and explored the history there, tying in nicely with an earlier conversation about Abraham Lincoln.

Shortly thereafter we were all gussied up and ready for a wedding. We took the shuttle over, and met up with a bunch of fencing people from when I was in college. Laura [and I] were very impressed with the organization of the wedding; everyone seemed to know what to do, the program was well though out, the priest was even funny in his sermon.

Up until this part of the weekend, Laura had been a pretty captive audience and now I really got to see her shine. We all stopped at a restaurant called “Ram’s” where we were seeking drinks and appetizers to hold us over till dinner. There were 14 of us at the table(s) and she found a way to engage each and every one of them in conversation. She said it helped to have common experiences, like fencing, and teaching, and theater with most of them, but it was clear that she had made the effort to not just hide behind me. She got the huge thumbs up in my book just for that, and it continued through the night!

At the wedding I fought off a headache with some Advil, but she didn’t skip a beat and stayed cheery the whole dinner. By the time the dance floor opened up my head was better and we had a blast out there. it was a shame there wasn’t a bucket of water I could throw over myself or something to towel off with, because we were moving. She even joined the Locomotion locomotive around the dining hall. And she was great to slow dance with too. All in all a very memorable night. We wrapped it up by chatting ourselves to sleep down in our room…

In the morning I woke up before the alarm clock, but I didn’t want to get up because I knew that if the day started it was going to end eventually. I could see she was awake as well in her bed. So I pulled the covers over my head so I could just barely see out, and I wondered what she was thinking. Soon enough the alarm went off and we were checking out. She grabbed me an Hot Carmel Apple Cider from Starbucks (omg the best drink ever!) while I had the valet bring the car around. Then we were off to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum.

One word: DINOSAURS!!!! We had so much fun there. It was tough to be bummed out about her leaving when there’s mirror-mazes, sand boxes, water clocks, slides, and party-mammals desperately waiting for the ice age. We even saw a dinosaur named after the fiction of J.K. Rowling. Did you know many dinosaurs had a second set of ribs on their belly that weren’t attacked to any other part of the bone structure and that the ICM is among the first to include them in their skeletons? Laura and I also became spies while we were there, and we found that I am not as great at hiding behind a brick wall as I may fancy myself to be.

We got her to the airport on time, but her departing flight wasn’t nearly as prompt, so she was still sitting on the runway at 5:30 texting me about delays. I would be lying if I said I didn’t want her flight to get canceled so that I’d have to go pick her up. But is seems as though her flight is in the air and she’ll be arriving back in New Jersey very soon. I think the best way I can end this post is to say that I hope I get to see her again, sooner rather than later.


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