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August 5, 2007 / TildeWill


in·ter·est·ing [ íntrəsting ]


1. arousing curiosity or attention: arousing curiosity, attracting or holding attention, or provoking thought
2. not boring: enjoyable because of being varied, challenging, stimulating, or exciting

Today’s free-write is on what is interesting. The topic was sparked by a journal entry I read on a dating site. Yes, I frequent a dating site. I like this one particularly because of the light-hearted way it approaches dating, and the community they’ve built of both singles and those in relationships.

Anyway, this woman wrote about “nice guys” and how yes, it’s true that it isn’t fair that nice guys finish last, but that they tend to finish last because “nice” ends up being a synonym for “boring”. Now I will exude some hubris when I say that I am a nice guy. I don’t have any way to back that claim up, it’s simply who I strive to be.

Part of that mentality is that, as a nice guy, you don’t stand out. You’re not special, you’re just an average guy who will do the things he’s supposed to do. Sounds boring right? Exactly. It’s what women say they want on paper, but in reality, it puts people to sleep. In order to better break up this post, I will stop here and in my next post I’ll set aside the “nice guy” and explore what makes me an “interesting fellow”…

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