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August 5, 2007 / TildeWill

Interesting Fellow

In my last post I wrote about the importance of being interesting versus just being the nice guy. The nice guy does the right thing, the interesting fellow does the exciting thing. So what makes Will Read interesting?

I have friends scattered all over the country. Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, California, Florida, Washington, Virginia, South Carolina, the list goes on. Some I’ve met though fencing, another interesting thing about me, because I stab people for fun. I also coach, and referee. Did you know I helped to start a national fencing championship for collegiate clubs? That’s kind of interesting.

I’m adopted. My brother and I do not have the same birth parents. I wouldn’t trade in my adoptive parents for the world, they support me in so many ways. The people that I pick to spend my time with are of the same quality as my parents in this regard.

I knew I wanted to own my own business when i was in middle school, I just assumed it would be computer related instead of fencing related. I didn’t have a girlfriend to speak of before I was 19. I didn’t drink before I was 21, and think I would drink when that time came around.

The only time I really want to show off is when I’m on water skis. I’m not bad at it, but by no means am I a stunt man. Something about being the only guy being towed behind a boat full of your friends feels like a virtual spot light I guess. I miss being on stage, but not enough to carve time out of the things I’m doing already.

I wonder if I could cut the mustard as a police officer or in the military. You could say I enjoy the outdoors, but I really just enjoy sitting out on grass in most any weather, not the dirt trails or and all the other outdoorsy stuff. Secretly, when people have children born on my birthday, I hope they name that child after me.

Among the things I enjoy are books by Christopher Moore, because he sees life as a crazy string of related events. I’m a lot more introspective than most people; beyond this blog, I spend even more time wondering why I make the choices I make.

There are people I’ve met who I have been impressed with. And some of those same people have been impressed with me. Those relationships are generally the ones that help me grow the most because the person on the other side is rarely as similar to me as my other friends.

I enjoy cooking, but not for myself when I’m alone. The company at a meal is the real flavor I seek. I always have room to grow. Teaching others to fence has been the most rewarding, long-lasting, experience of my life to date. Also on the rewarding list is spending a summer as a staffer for a housing project in the Appalachia Mountains. I can run on very little sleep when surrounded by a lot of positive attitude.

I cannot dance nor sing well, but that does not prevent me from trying (loudly and with great gusto). In doing so, I often find I make small children laugh. When I was fifteen I trained myself to feel no emotion, humor was the only thing that reminded me I was alive, so I bathed in it. I also gave up lying at that time. When I was twenty, I was taught (indirectly) how to feel again. Today, my short-term memory is weak because there’s no need to keep track of the things that I’ve said.

I’m not like anyone else I’ve ever met; I’m more of an assembly of the things I think I should be, which makes me unique. To me, that is very interesting.


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