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July 29, 2007 / TildeWill

Better Things to Celebrate Than the Passing of Days

Let me prefix this post by saying that I felt really good because of the people who wished me a happy birthday a few days ago.

Today I got a belated birthday card from a friend of mine. He apologized for being late in sending it. And it got my brain going as things often do. To me, there’s a lot more things to celebrate than the passage of time. It’s going to happen if you celebrate it or not. I’m going to be a year older 365 days  from July 24th if I want to be or not (save being dead, which I do not want at all).

To me, there are a lot of other things to celebrate aside from dates that sneak up on you. Things like a new friendship, job well done at work, or quitting a habit are all occurrences that seem to slide by unrecognized, yet these are the things we have to work at the most to achieve. I can sit on my butt and time passes by. “Quick! Get my party hat! It’s almost tomorrow!”


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