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July 29, 2007 / TildeWill

A Fifth of…

Not everyone showed up, particularly some of the bigger guns. So there were 23, not 27 as expected. I did well in my pool (first round), coming out with a second place seeding (higher than Streb Jr.)!!! So in the second round, I got a buy for my first match, then fenced Josh in my second one. He gave me a strong bout, but I wasn’t about to lose to him again after divisional qualifiers.

I moved on to the top eight. A win here would put me in the top four and I would have renewed my “C” rating. I went through three weapons, and my ref wasn’t seeing the actions I wanted him to, but what it came down to was that I was missing. My opponent was collapsing the distance and I just couldn’t hit him. I lost, 8-15 was the score I think. Giving me a fifth place finish.

I also refereed. As much as I detested reffing for free, it was good to ref a tournament again, instead of coaching. I’ve gotten sloppy, I was still way better than 90% of the people reffing, but I made some mistakes. So I’ll start the season off with a “D” instead of a “C”, but the Purdue Open is early this year, so maybe I’ll pick it up there.

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