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July 10, 2007 / TildeWill

A Dog, and All That Goes With It

In an attempt to define the kind of relationship I’m looking for, I think it’s best described as “I want to be in the type of relationship where she wants to get a dog with me, and all that goes along with it.”

They say having a dog is like practice for having kids. I think there’s also a level of trust, that you’ll both do a good job of raising and taking care of the dog, to teach him tricks, to keep him from begging at the table, to be nice to your guests. There’s an implied dependability, that you’ll fill in for each other when one can’t be around to take care of the pet. There’s also a certain level of commitment, that leaving the relationship would be even messier because now we’d have to figure out who gets to keep the dog.

But then there’s a not the overwhelmingness of talking about wedding dresses on the third date, or wondering how many kids you’ll have or what school system is best. Getting a dog together is between “Hi, what’s your name?” and “Let’s get arthritis together.” it’s comfortable, and stable, and he can come along on the trips on the weekends.


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