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June 6, 2007 / TildeWill

Farting Around

Today I had my little map application finished and on my screen. My boss came over and immediately thought it was a great idea for a marketable product and started doing a brain dump of how customers would use such an application.

So I talked it over with my coworker who is way better at design than I am (but he’ll never admit it). He and I hashed out some object and base classes. I talked it over with my boss and now I’m writing a benefits sheet and making a power point presentation for next Tuesday when the idea will be pitched to the other decision makers in the company.

It was really just supposed to be a 30 minute project. I just wanted to play with some technology. Now I’ve undermined the work of our intern, and I feel like I’ve been elevated in status somehow in the eyes of the company. It is an experience that will test me to continue to be humble. I didn’t ask for this recognition, but it’ll be an adventure handling it.


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