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May 21, 2007 / TildeWill

Dreams Are Back

I’ve kicked the Coke/caffeine so I’ve started dreaming again. Last night’s dream was crazy. What I remember was running out of the door in the garage in my house back in Farmington. When I lived there, there was a fence, so we’d let the dog go out there, but now there was no fence, but certainly the same house. I made it to the back property line before I heard my chaser coming. I didn’t look back till I had made it to the front of the neighbor’s house. What I saw was a tall woman, 6′ maybe, slender, big dark curly hair, wearing a tight black t-shirt, black hiking boots, and what looked like old red cotton panties over an athletic supporter. Yeah, my brain is weird.

So I ran, and I cursed the distance between houses in my old subdivision, wishing I lived in Chicago where house were practically on top of each other. Here there was too much open space, not enough room to hide, or change direction and lose someone. Sure, there’s bushes and stuff, but you’re a sitting duck. I woke up, afraid. I knew I was awake and I was able to rationalize that I had no need to feel like I needed to run, that I was hundreds of miles from that place even if there was some half naked woman after me. I knew all of that in an instant, and yet my brain was still telling my body that danger was nigh upon me.

What impresses me the most is my body’s ability to fool itself. To imagine a threat that is not real and to react as if it were. It is amazing people can get through the day, keeping the imagination at bay. Maybe it is stuff like this that makes some question what is real and what is not. For me, it’s real when my eyes are open.

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