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May 21, 2007 / TildeWill

A Fun Day By Design

I’m in the middle of this beard-off, and by Friday, it was clear that I probably wasn’t the winning horse. So I did the next best thing to cheating, made a joke. Today i walked in to work with a long thick, black beard that even Gimli would be jealous of. It only cost me $5 at the costume shop and for the laughs I got, it was worth every penny.

Then my coworker Matt had his birthday today. He loves telling variations of this joke:

A pirate walks in to the bar, and he’s got a ship wheel in all of it’s cumbersome, weighty glory attached at his waist. A guy at the bar wonders what’s going on, so he walks up to the pirate and says,
“Hey sailor, what’s with the nautical wheel?”
To which the pirate replies, “Arrr! It be drivin’ me nuts!”

So Matt was quite pleased to find a belt buckle with a ship wheel on it and much fine laughter and retelling of the joke ensued.

You just can’t go home unhappy after a day at work like that.

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