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May 3, 2007 / TildeWill

My Personal Hero

Tonight it was work till 11:40pm. But this post is not about how late I worked, nay, it is about my coworker, Matt. For me, it’s hard to say “See ya later guys I’m going home.” because there’s really not much for me to go home to. No pets, not girlfriend/fiance/wife, no kids. It’s just a house, with a TV and a bed and stuff and me. That’s it.

Matt, on the other hand, has pets, and a fiance who works nights so he hardly gets to see her normally. But yet, he’s there, side by side with me, working to finish this project. He has every reason to go home, and every right to not have to work late. It’s not as if he slacks off or works slowly. I use to give him a hard time when he’d grumble about having to call and tell his fiance he’d be home late. That “I wish I had someone to call home to.” It’s not that I want to make that call any more than he does, it’s that I want that person who cares about where I am.

His devotion to her is equally as impressive as his devotion to work. I can only hope that one day someone examines my life and can say the same about me.

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