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April 7, 2007 / TildeWill

I’m Scary

I am not an expert at anything but being Will Read. I know this and freely admit it. The other thing I am very good at, is knowing who the experts are, the people who have their act together, who I can work with.

I am scary because most people instinctively expect leaders to be experts in not just one area, but in many, or all areas. When I say it like that you probably reacted with, “Well obviously no one can be an expert in all areas.”, or something similar. And you’re right.  I’m scary because me being in a leadership position means everyone else has to work, chip in, and help out, doing what they’re good at.

To me, a leader is a person who can identify those experts, and put them to good use in conjunction with other experts. When you’re part of any organization, especially a volunteer organization, you can’t do it all yourself. It’s not healthy for you as an individual, it’s not healthy for the organization.

Lead by example, and delegate the hell out of it. Let people help.


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