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April 1, 2007 / TildeWill

Not the President

The USACFC’s (aka Fencing Club Nationals) have ended now and I’m pretty tired. Despite the last minute changes, everything ran fairly smoothly from a coaching view point. The refs were better than other years, though there were some higher quality refs that were missing from the lot.

The officer meeting was surprisingly productive, but still underwhelming. We didn’t argue much, and there was even an attempt to vote and change the constitution, but we didn’t have enough representation to make the changes official. I still have beef with taking the one chance we have to all meet in one place and really talk, and trying to cram that into a single hour.

I did run for president. I do know that I had a significant number of supporters. I do know that I woke up scared this morning. Scared probably for the exact reason that I did not win, and that is that the organization has grown. No longer is it the 18 teams who assembled to see what might come of a collaborative effort, where the fencing mattered and the continued running of the event was constantly in question. Now it is a veritable 40 teams who all feel strongly about the health of the organization, and are not yet willing to place the safety of that health in a young-unknown coach of some club from Indiana.

So my job, given the feedback I’ve gotten, is to get known. To show the USACFC what I can do. To speak up…all year. My problem, is that I don’t enjoy going unheard. I do not like my ideas to fall on deaf ears. I want to know that they’re considered even if they are discarded. It means that I have to work closely with the very thing that upsets me so much about the conference to begin with. For me, it would have been easier to actually be the president, than to be in the position of being expected to run again next year.


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