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March 18, 2007 / TildeWill

Back from Chicago

In reverse order: I sucked it up at the fencing tournament this morning. Sleep shortage might have contributed, but I wasn’t “social” enough at the bar the night before for alcohol consumption to be a factor really. I was just dub. I did the same thing over and over, that worked ten times, meanwhile my opponent was making that one thing he did better and better.

But I did manage to link up with Dickerson and his pals (namely Adam and Amanda, along with the Lady Hizzle). I’ve got to write Adam a thank you for taking me in (especially after I bailed on the group towards the end of the night).  We went to some bar, and Irish one I think, and it was over packed. You had to push and shove to move anywhere, sometimes just to stand somewhere you had to defend your turf.

On Saturday morning I managed to make it out to the St. Patrick’s Day parade where it snowed a little bit. I’ve got a picture of the green dino float they had, but right now I’m too  [fill in most any adjective here] from the weekend. But now I’ve had my fill of parades for a while so I won’t be needing to go to one again any time soon. The greening of the river was just as awesome as I remember it though.

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