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March 13, 2007 / TildeWill

Last Night

Last night I came home, and I was excited to blog about work. I put in five hours Saturday, twelve on Sunday, and fourteen on Monday. We were wrapping up a project with the presentation of our work being this morning at 10 AM. Sunday was a ton of fun, even though it was at work, but just working in an informal environment, cracking jokes, pair programming, and getting stuff done. Monday wasn’t much different, but I ended up having to get a sub at River City Fencing (Josh you rock!).

When we checked done on every test around 10:15pm last night, it felt good, and we went out for a celebratory beer at Hunter’s Pub (not Down Under).  It felt good to be done. It felt good to celebrate with other programmers. Hard work paid off and it felt good.

This morning.
This morning we were scheduled to present our work internally at 10am before presenting to customers this afternoon. It would be my first project review. My team mate and I busted ass to make sure we could present the changes that were only made last night. At 10:06am, as we were walking to the conference room, we were told our presentation was canceled.

What I learned about myself this morning, is that I dislike having meetings that I’m invited to canceled or moved around on me. What gets under my skin even more is when my presentation meeting is cancelled. To me, it says that I am not worth the effort it takes to makes sure a schedule stays clear for the block of time I’ve been allotted. So I had a bummer morning. Fortunately the sun was out and I’ve got a kick ass team mate who was willing to have lunch with me at Sgt. Preston’s which did a decent job of cheering me up.


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