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March 9, 2007 / TildeWill

Work Update

I’ve grumbled about my job to some people over the last few days admittedly, but today was a pretty good day, so I wanted to write about work while I was feeling up. The biggest problem has been the change in my personal schedule. To go from 12 hours of sleep to 4-6 some nights makes it tough to love anything. Some of that has gone away, or at least felt less stressful this week because RCF started the new schedule meaning I have more personal time, or at least time to eat dinner.

The other contributing factor is that my current project at work has turned out kind of ugly. You can point the finger any number of places, including at myself, mainly for being new and for taking too much time tending to details. But a lot of the process fell apart so now in the middle of the project run, we’re getting information that normally would have been given to us at the beginning. My team mate has also been absent for a handful of days, and that’s a separate issue I hope to facilitate a resolution for when I go in to work tomorrow.

But the result of the messy project is that my boss and the lead developer have jumped in to help me out. By doing so, I’ve gotten to know their strengths a lot better than if the project had run according to plan. I particularly enjoy my conversations with the dev lead, because he and I have very similar thoughts on how coding should be done, what practices are important. He’s stronger than I am in regards to code, but I seem to know a little more about database structure and programming, so occasionally I get to repay the knowledge he gives to me. My boss seems to be good at user interface design, so between the three of us we chewed through an amazing amount of work in the last 36 hours.

So all told, I like my job and what I do. I like the people I work with, all of them. I’m happy to be employed. Life is pretty good.


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