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February 28, 2007 / TildeWill

It’s Only The Second Craziest Thing I’ve Done In My Life

I’ve decided to run for president of the USACFC. Here’s some background of the organization and my opinions. Basically, for those unwilling to click through, the current leadership has secret meetings and makes changes/decisions without consulting membership. I tried to make it better as historian (an officer position) but even as an officer my opinion went unheard; anyone who isn’t one of the top two dogs goes unheard.

I tried to ignore it. Now the USACFC is in it’s fifth season. Purdue continues to participate. The over all participation continues to grow such that this year, there will be forty teams which makes for 800 fencers, bigger than a day at a North American Cup. Huge.

So I’m going to run for president. I’m going to fix it all if they let me. I need a wing-man, a second in command, someone I can trust and work well with. Together we’ll make the leadership as transparent as possible by using the e-mail groups, web site, and other tools to their fullest. We’ll set up regional qualifiers. We’ll make nationals become a more manageable event. It will help the growth on local levels as well. Fencing everywhere will benefit.

I’m nuts. I’ve got a job. And another job. And a new relationship to nurture. And growing family concerns. And coaching all over Lafayette. And somehow I still feel that this is something I need to do, for myself, for fencing.

The next step is planning.

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  1. sigmel / Feb 28 2007 11:38 am

    You’d have my vote… you know, if I could vote on that.

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