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February 25, 2007 / TildeWill

Friend Archetype

I think in life, we all have a set of friend-types we need to feel complete. Some of us need a confidant, some need a side-kick, some need an informant (aka gossip queen), some need a partner-in-crime, some need a hero, and some need a fan-boy. The individuals may come and go from our lives, but the roles still need to be filled.

This notion came to me when I went to visit a friend [over a year ago] in 2006. Several months prior, she had pushed an old friend of hers out of her life because he was abusing the friendship. While I was visiting her, we hung out with a new friend of hers, who very much reminded me of the old friend. So much so, that after spending an evening with the new friend, all I could think about was how he was “Old Friend version 2.0”.

Now, months later, the new friend has gone the path of the old friend, and the old friend has re-entered her life. She has a need for that type-X of friend, and I suspect there are only a few individuals on this earth who are able to fill that void.

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