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February 20, 2007 / TildeWill

One Piece

I made it back in one piece, perhaps more whole than when I left. This past weekend I went to Denver, CO where I had the opportunity to coach two of my fencers at Junior Olympics. They both fenced where they should have; neither one choked on the strip in the light of a national tournament. I think they both realized however, that there is a whole new league of fencing, one which I hope they’ll continue to partake in.

While in Denver I also ran into Laura and Andrew from coaches college. It was good to see them on Saturday, but I missed them on Sunday; I had been hoping to follow up on a conversation or two. So I was sorry that our time together was not longer. Also while in Denver I screamed numerous times while crossing the street against the crosswalk signals, that was fun. Other than that I had a good time hanging out with Josh and Ed after the events.

While I was away, Steve picked up his “C” rating back here at Purdue’s Spring Open. It also looks like he managed to solidify his relationship with Amanda from IU. It’s good to see him being so successful in life. In related news, I also have found myself newly in a relationship with Blair (also from IU), though I haven’t nailed down the details of that just yet. I had called her to see what she was up to tonight, thinking I’d stop by Bloomington after my flight landed around 8pm, but she was working which worked out anyway because I was delayed and didn’t get in to the airport until 11pm.

So you see, it all works out in the end.

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