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February 11, 2007 / TildeWill

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I don’t know what to call this post because it’ll touch on a lot of things. So first up is work. The actual work part of work has been great. They’ve got me on a machine that has the development environment so I got to do some actual work. The most fun I had was working on an internal project that packages up our modules automatically and…

 So while I was typing this, a pipe broke in my house. Specifically in the laundry room which I haven’t used in over a week. So water was gushing everywhere, which was exciting. So I tromped down to the basement and shut off all the water in the house since there was not a local shut off valve. I’ve called my landlord so he’s going to stop by. I wish I had taken a shower before this happened.

Anyway, back to work. The packager was pretty neat because it does that whenever you push out a release version, no human intervention required. Our lead developer got to look at my code and point out a few things I could have done better too. I think I could have done better about taking his critique better, but at the same tome, half the code I was using wasn’t mine in the first place, so I felt a little defensive. It’ll be something to change about me for next time.

On the back end, fencing + work is taking a toll on my body I think. Thursday night/Friday morning I got what I call allergies, though I don’t know what I’m allergic to. Essentially my nose and eyes run non-stop. I think the worst is over at this point, but it made for a miserable work day, and then Saturday at the dual meet at OSU I was dehydrated and half-groggy from all the drugs I was taking.

The last part, is the OSU dual meet where I went along as Purdue’s coach. Columbus, OH is four hours away, and we didn’t leave Lafayette until seven o’clock. Which meant by the time we stopped by a Purdue alum’s house and checked in to the hotel, it was past midnight. Keep in mind that we had to wake up at 5:30 am. But I got in the van with a good group of guys and Steve so there was plenty of good humor to be had by all. Steve did amazing at OSU, beating U of Michigan’s A slot, and earning a compliment from their coach, Jim Vesper. It made me feel good both about Steve and about my own ability to train a fencer who wants to be trained. Oh and the IU women were there of course, but that is a story for another entry.

So we got home at midnight. I stayed up another two hours watching the last half of a foreign film “Blue” and talking to people on the internets. I was still fighting off the allergy symptoms when I climbed into bed and knew I had to get up at 6 AM to get to Notre Dame to ref at the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. When that alarm clock went off I felt way too tired to drive, and didn’t want to push my health, so I called in sick to my ref gig, the first time I’ve ever done that, and I feel pretty shitty about doing so, but I’ve made a decision that work has to come first, and fencing comes second. So based on that principle, the decision was clear.


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