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January 20, 2007 / TildeWill

Not a “C”

Well I acomplished my goal of making the Friday Night Fencing down in Indy a C1 event, meaning that the first place fencer earned a “C” rating. My “C” rating is four years old and will expire next season, dropping to a “D”. Ten people from the Lafayette area went to the event, and IU made a good showing as well including Blair*). I did well enough in my pool, 3-1, losing to Jim Owen 5-1. So I fenced Josh, one of my fencers, in my first DE. I then fenced Sam, also one of my fencers, for my second DE. Then I had to fence Jim Owen again.

I was down, 6-10. I started doing some actions that seemed to get touches. I was then up 12-11. It was also the final period. I was hoping to have the clock run out with my higher score, but no such luck. It was 14-13, I was up, just one more touch. He scored on a nice hit tying the score at 14-14. I attacked, he counter attacked. I missed, he hit. Balls.

Winning would have meant that Steve, my fencer, and I would have fenced off for our “C”. Instead he fenced Jim in a very similar bout, and the same outcome. Meanwhile, Ed was fencing Epee and went from being an unrated fencer to being a “C”. That’s why I’m the coach.

Basically I’m performing at the top of the “D” rated fencers, but not high enough in the “C” ranks to renew my C, which is consistent with my rating. I don’t know what it’ll take to get over that hump, but c’est la vie. Only time will tell.

After the fencing was done, roughly 1:30AM, I went out to Steak ‘n’  Shake with the IU fencers. They’re just like the way I remember Purdue being. What happened to that tradition?

(*That is a story for another time )


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