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January 2, 2007 / TildeWill

You Have To Be Smarter Than the Flies

You Have To Be Smarter Than the Flies

Originally uploaded by readwl.

I’ve got what I’d call fruit flies everywhere. When I looked up fruit flies though, the internets said they had yellow bodies. These suckers have reddish blackish bodies. Either way they’re small, annoying, and they love eating banana peels I’ve left in the garbage too long. So I needed an economical way to rid myself of these bastards. What you see in the picture is a Gladware container with tiny holes in the top and a moist peel in the bottom. The flies are too dumb to crawl out of the holes once they’re in (that or they don’t want to, and who can blame them? They’ve got a decent breeding population and plenty of food). I’ve caught tons of ’em already. I’m looking forward to a fly free house soon.


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