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January 1, 2007 / TildeWill

The Weakness

My beef with dating has always been that traditionally, the guy has to make the first move. The way it really works is the woman communicates [non-verbally], “Hey, I’m hot, you want to talk to me.” To which the guy wants to walk to her and say, “Hey, you’re hot, I want to talk to you.” What is tough to realize is that that topic has already been covered, so by repeating it, a guy sounds like a fool. So now the onus is on the guy to make a conversational transition without anything ever having been said.  Odd? You bet.

That’s what makes things like blinking bow ties and cardboard signs great. Now she has said her “Hey, I’m hot, you want to talk to me.”, and you’ve replied with, “I think you’re hot, let’s talk about my bow tie/sign/whatever.” Then my fine friend, the tables have been turned, only it’s easier for her to start now because you can say anything about the bow tie/sign/whatever and conversation flows more naturally.

Lesson: Be a weirdo. It makes things easier.

EDIT: It should be noted that wearing a suit to a place people don’t normally wear suits has a similar, albeit less potent, effect.


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