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December 30, 2006 / TildeWill

Wild Ferret Tamer

Wild Ferret Tamer

Originally uploaded by readwl.

Crazy Sign + Flower = Win. Tonight I went to the Java Roaster in Downtown Lafayette. I was armed with a lavender rose and the cardboard sign you see above. As it turned out, the Java Roaster was hosting a band, so it was a bunch of family and friends at the place, and not too many single women. But I got a hot chocolate and sat down. Soon after a mother joined me. Her son was visiting from San Diego California and they came to see the 13 year old drummer the paper had mentioned. So I talked to her and her husband and son for a while after explaining my sign. Then I moved over to Chumley’s (the bar & grill next door).

I came in and sat down. The place was slow, and my waitress quickly brought me a Woodchuck hard apple cider. A few other members of the wait staff stopped by and asked about the sign and the flower. I ended up giving the flower to a cute blond, Christina, who ended up buying me a shot. I also had the chance to chat it up with Megan, a short brunette, who later gave me her phone number. So ya really can’t beat a night like that with a stick. I’m pretty sure that I’ll be wearing the sign to the Cactus tomorrow night just to see what comes of it.


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