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December 29, 2006 / TildeWill

New Year’s 2007

My new year shtick is to review the past year and peek ahead at the future. No resolutions, no empty promises because I always have goals. There’s no need to make up something on the spot just because the calendar said it is time to do so. Last year, I wrote about life in Cincinnati and hinted at moving back to Indiana. So on to this year:

  • Last year I was big-time single. This year I’m big time single. There was a 6 month chunk in there where that wasn’t the case, but such is the past. Since then I’ve hit on several married women, sent flowers to a woman with a boyfriend, and gone out for coffee with a girl with a mustache almost as thick as mine. 2007 ought to be better, but my [mis]adventures sure do keep the masses entertained.
  • I’m self-employed (which I’ve learned is often a term used to mean “just above homeless”). While the job is very rewarding, it isn’t bringing in the bacon so I’m currently looking for a second job. I’m also considering ways to expand the fencing club.
  • Over the Summer I was certified in the other two weapons, so now I am a three weapon coach. The club now has 20 regular members and four coaches. Two fencers that I’ve trained are on their way to Junior Olympics in February.
  • I still live alone, but I am now in a house. I like having a garage and being able to improve my living space without worrying about pissing off the landlord.
  • This past year I have also learned to lean on people a little more than I otherwise would have. I still have a long way to grow here, but I also discovered that there are lots of good people in my life ready to catch me and lift me up when I do stumble. That is really the best feeling in the world.

I haven’t made any plans to abandon my current job, so that’s a big change since it has been a while since I stayed at one place for more than a year. I even moved back to Lafayette and I really like it (save the datable age demographic). I’m looking forward to earning my second level coaching certification this summer and thus continuing to grow with my fencers. By this time next year I’d like to be saying that the fencing club is making plans to move to a custom built facility, but realistically that may be two or more years off. Stay tuned!

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