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December 14, 2006 / TildeWill

Kickin’ My Coke Habit

Not the drug, but the drink. Every night at fencing I was knocking back a Coke and it is bad because it doesn’t rehydrate me. My problem was two fold: 1) every time I tried to go caffeen free I’d get serious headaches (withdrawal anyone?), and 2) I need a cheap, portable drink and Coke is about 33 cents and comes in a can.

So now I’m on day four of drinking caffeen free Coke and no headaches. However, my sleep cycle has been all kinds of screwed up. Instead of being tired around three or four in the morning I’m tired around eleven or twelve, but then I wake up at three or four ready to go, but i know I need more sleep.

An interesting side benefit is that I’ve been dreaming, a lot. In the past I could hope for remembering maybe one dream a month. So far I’m four for four. Though yesterday I woke up angry I think because of my dream. The brain is weird.

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