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December 8, 2006 / TildeWill

The Color of Dinos

I was pondering this recently: We have no idea what color dinosaurs were. We can guess, but in the end, there’s no way to tell for sure. Regardless, we still have to assign them colors, and even more so when we were children. What’s funny, is that not all dinos were associated with the same color. Like T-Rex, most would say “Green”. Brontosaurus (not a real dinosaur by the way)? “Blue”. What about Steggie (the Stegosaurus)? I’d say yellow because I had a [sweet] Velcro hook-and-loop-closure wallet that had a yellow guy on it. Triceratops (which doesn’t end in “-sarus” oddly enough) would be orange in my book, but that’s probably due to the orange dinos in Zelda that you had to feed bombs to. I love my childhood.


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