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December 6, 2006 / TildeWill

Hope Where There Could Be None

I think what keeps me from depression is one characteristic: The ability to be hopeful and see the potential in any situation. It would be easy to look at my current situation, my struggling small business, my difficulty finding a job, my house that is too big (and too expensive) for just one person, my graduating friends, and my inability to find a date, to see all that, and to give up hope. It would be easy to say the deck is stacked against me, that I have already failed. Indeed I even posted about the disparity of the situation; I am not immune or super-human when it comes to negative emotions.

The difference is the next step. To see the potential in that situation. True, it is tough for me to find a job, especially one in such a small search area that suits my education. But then I already have a job, one that suits another skill set, and I have a boss (me) who is willing to give me a raise should it be fit. My potential at my current job is unlimited.

Yeah, I have too much house, but that means I have the potential to get a room mate to help foot the bills. I also have the last few of my good college friends moving off since they are graduating this month. While I will miss them being close by, it means that I’ll have more friends scattered across the country to visit. It also will force me to make new friends, new connections, and potentially meet a new girlfriend.

The other side of this hopeful coin is to realize that potential requires work to be put into action. I can’t get a room mate if I don’t look for one. I can’t meet new people if I don’t go out there. I can’t make my business a success if I don’t try.

On one side of the spectrum you have the hopeless individual who can see the path ahead ofthem and feel it is too tough. On the other side you have the dreamers who can see the end result, but expect it to come to them. I’m the third kind of person, the person who can see the end, and the path, and is unafraid to walk forward.

Yes, things will work out. The key word is work though.


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  1. mothware / Dec 7 2006 10:15 am

    There was a sign on President Andrew Johnson’s Desk that read: “The Harder I work the Luckier I get.”

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