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December 5, 2006 / TildeWill

The Gamble

Ok, so the whole thing has been a gamble, RCF and fencing full time, that is. So this is more like turning to my buddy asking for $20 so I can gamble some more. The job search is nothing shy of terrible. I’m to the point now where if I want a job at all I’m looking at just over minimum wage working retail. But I did put my app in at Borders book store the other day.

So the gamble is this: January 1, I kill off the Fencing Inter-Club Agreement (FICA) which gave most of my students free membership. And instead of a $50 membership which includes equipment rental, there’ll be a $25/month membership and a $25/month equipment rental, and everyone has to be a member. That means most fencers will go from paying $50/month to $75.

Then I’m hosting a winter fencing camp the first week of January. The cost is $150 per person (which works out to $10/hr of class time). My goal is always 10 people in a class. We’ll see if I can reach it this time  or if I fall short like always.

Next, my foil class is pretty close to full. While my epee class attendance is dismal and sabre is small too. So I’m going to switch up what weapon I teach in the beginner class. We’ll be on a rotation, Foil, Epee, Sabre, repeat. In an ideal world, all four classes would eventually have 10 fencers each. That’s 40 fencers. With 40 fencers I can live and we can move to bigger space. That’s the pay off. The gamble is if I can afford the expenses I’ll incur in the next four to eight months…


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