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December 2, 2006 / TildeWill

It’s about the TV

Before I launch into my rant, there are a few items of business:

  1. I’m using my garage for my car now that frost time is here. I hate scraping windows. It seems I haven’t put enough stuff in my garage yet to prevent me from getting my car in there easily, so that’s good.
  2. Tomorrow I’m taking three fencers to qualify for the Junior Olympics. If all goes well, then I’ll be going to Denver in February with them.

So my rant about TV. I went to Thanksgiving for the Purdue Fencing Club. It was hosted by a couple that fences and they cooked all the food. The trouble was that the hostess put in a Family Guy DVD which sucked everyone in. When ever I tried to talk to someone I lost them to the show. Then finally it was over and I thought I’d be able to talk and get to know the fencers a bit. No, then they put in Robin Hood, Men In Tights. Then that was over, and I thought finally we’d talk or play games or something. But then they found Harry Potter on the TV. So I left. TV’s + Parties with people I want to talk to = BAD.


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