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November 30, 2006 / TildeWill

Change the site name?

I think it should be “I Need a Life” instead of “centration”. I need a girlfriend. I need a [second] job. I need local friends. I need a room mate.

Everything feels like… it just feels bad. I’ve got some significant debt hanging over my head. I also don’t feel like I can go out to places where I might meet people because I’ve got no money. But the job market in Lafayette is suckier than I remembered and I can’t seem to convince anyone to move into the weird ass house I live in.

To top it all off, Tuesday was a terrible day for me and fencing. There are reasons that I won’t go into here (you can ask, but there’s fencing people that don’t need to know my every thought), but a big part of it is that I still need to grow up.  

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  1. lina / Nov 30 2006 8:52 am

    Blah, you have pleanty of life and are still one of the most “grown up” friends I have. Stop with the whining before I drive down there and kick your ass. I mean that with kindness, respect, and love of course. ^_^

    As far as the huge-o debt goes, I feel your pain. We’re working on how we’re going to get out of our stuff and penny pinching like mad to make the bills. It’s bad we’re in this shape now because if Ford goes kaput, we’re screwed. ;_;

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