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November 17, 2006 / TildeWill


I’ve had a strange attraction to all things Italian. Well maybe not all things, but many things. Some of it I’m aware of, other things I look back and in hindsight find the connection. Things like the Rennisance, DaVinci, fencing, even the language. In high school when Italian wasn’t offered I took the closest thing to it, Spanish, and then followed up with four semesters of Italian in college. In history I always enjoy the portrayal of the “re-birth” of Europe and especially any mention of Italy. I only remember one set of historical facts about the changes of Europe, and they deal with Istanbul becoming Constantanople. I love Italian food, even if it is Americanized; Olive Garden, La Scala, Spaghetti’s are all top notch places to dine in my book. I also frequently cook alfredo, spaghetti, rotini, and ziti for myself.

Even the women I find attractive have strong Italian heritage. Like my 9th grade math teacher who got married and changed her name to Smith (lame). Or that woman from New Jersey… mmmm.

When I set out to find my birth parents, I found that I was concieved in Italy where my American birth parents were stationed. I suspect all that Italian culture around me may have contributed to my interest in the nation. Sadly though, I’ve never been there myself. What is always running through the back of my mind is that I might make it out there one day, and that I might, just might meet the woman of my dreams.


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