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November 13, 2006 / TildeWill

Blank Head Stone

I don’t know why, but David’s head stone was blank. Just a flat white stone laid into the ground. On it was a pot of fake flowers including an O’Charley’s cup. To the right of the grave was a train wind chime with the center chime missing. On the four corners of the stone were solar powered yard lamps. And right in front was a stamped metal marker with David’s name, birth year, and death year; it was steaked in the middle of a roll of blue tape. Bits of tape were all over all of the items I mentioned.

At Jefferson High, the administration had “designated loitering areas”, and the designation was made with blue tape. It was a new policy, and of course the students all thought it was ridiculous. So apparently David had taken a lot of the tape and wrapped it up in a ball and stored it in his locker.

But there was no name on the stone.


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  1. lordbari / Nov 17 2006 8:57 pm

    Check back in January, you just saw the base.
    When you are doing the last thing you will ever do for your son, sometimes it takes a little longer then it should.
    If a drinking vessel was left, it would be most appropriate to be a root ber mug from Dog&Suds.

  2. emanon / Nov 20 2006 2:45 am

    Ah, that helps put my questions at ease. I also did not think of it being such a final action; I feel embarassed for not understanding the significance. Thank you.

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