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November 9, 2006 / TildeWill

To Settle:Part 2

Relationship Quality Graph
Here’s Part 2 to To Settle. I think part of being ready to settle depends on what your relationship quality graph looks like. The one I’ve drawn up shows a red line which represents my dating potential, meaning the 100% line is finding the super-hot, caring, intelligent, social, funny, understanding woman. My 100% is different from the next person’s 100%. If I were uneducated, overweight, and had bad body odor, my 100% might be finding a woman who has all of her teeth. it is possible to date someone who is above said red line, and thus you get the “out of his league” zone.

Now the more interesting line is the purpley blue-ish line. I’ve assigned very broad numbers to each of my six girlfriends. My thoughts are that I had a really good girlfriend at #2, one I could have married. The problem is the slope of the graph at that point. I had gone from no girlfriend, to a pretty good one, to a very good one, and in my head, it seemed reasonable that the third girlfriend would exceed #1 and #2 since the rate of change is not only positive, but increasing as well.

The reality, as we see, is that #3 did not meet my expectations, and #4 wasn’t much better. Had the trend continued around the 20%-30% range for a while and a 60%er came along I’d probably be ready to settle in a second. As it stands, I’ve hit a flat spot at 50% so I’m looking to go up again.

I know it seems crude to assign such simple values to relationships, and I agree it is an unjust oversimplification, but this is the best way I can explain some of my actions of the past as well as help determine what I’m shooting for in the future.

EDIT: Someone pointed out to me that there’s a missing TIME element. His case being that length of a relationship (good or bad) has an affect. I agree, but I’m not redoing the graph.


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