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October 17, 2006 / TildeWill

Send Flowers!?!

Thursday last week I went to a pub to celebrate Paul’s 24 and one half-th birthday (he’s not really 24) and Big Joe was there too. Well we’re munching and drinking when we bring up the “order a water for the lady” idea again. I get the water, Paul carries it over to another table with some women, and says “From the gentleman at the table” and motions to Joe. It was pretty funny. Paul later convinces Joe to talk to them which sets the stage for a whole bunch of things.

I’m talking to Joe, and he thinks our waitress is seeing someone. I admittedly have no clue, but decide to take up the opposing stance that she’s single. Paul says she had no ring on, Joe said she had one on her necklace. So she comes back, I say “Joe and I have a bet…” yadda yadda, she says she’s dating one of the guys working at the bar, but doesn’t seem to want to give his name. So we keep talking to her in short spurts, along the way she makes us guess what she’s going as for Halloween, what the origins of the holiday are (which none of us knew), etc.

Paul wraps up the night by telling me he doesn’t believe she’s seeing someone, that I should make a move. Now keep in mind I’ve been drinking Coke, and he’s been drinking Guinness, but I decide to listen to him anyway. After all, she is a career-gal who is 26, attractive, and can carry a conversation. That’s as good of a start as any.

Well the next day my news feeder drops me an article on the origins of Halloween. I think to myself, “Jackpot!”, I can use this as a way to start a new dialogue with this person. So I make plans Friday night to swing by and see if she’s there. Turns out she isn’t, which is fine, I had a busy weekend ahead of me anyway.

So during my 10 hours on the road, I resolve to print out the Halloween origins and scribble my phone number and leave it for her at the pub. But then I think about Joe who is a big proponent of flowers. I like giving flowers, and I’ve never had anyone complain about getting flowers so flowers it is! Monday afternoon I swing by the florist, pick up a nice pumpkin bouquet, toss my letter in the card holder and I’m in the car. My plan is to walk in, ask if she’s there, pretend that I’m just a flower delivery guy if she isn’t and “could you please put these somewhere she’ll get them, thank you”. So I get in the door, the place is pretty empty, I make my way to a pack of employees that seem to be killing time. One guy jokes “Those better not be for her because I’m her boyfriend”, my face goes white I’m sure, but he quickly follows up with “Just kidding, I’ll put them over here”.

I get a few miles down the road, and my phone rings. Something isn’t right, unless she WAS there, there’s no way she would have gotten my number and the nerve to call me up so soon, so I let it go to voice mail.

Long story short, it was her boyfriend on the phone, she was telling the truth, Paul was wrong, don’t listen to drunk people.



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  1. emanon / Nov 6 2006 1:02 am

    Paul is now “The Guy who knows The Guy who sent flowers”… I don’t know if I should be proud or not.

  2. Josette / Nov 28 2006 3:04 am

    I am in pain reading this, but I also want to see this girl and her boyfriend in their natural habitat! I am conflicted.


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