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October 16, 2006 / TildeWill

Tour de Indiana

Saturday I woke up and picked out some warm dress clothes. Why? Because I was attending Nads’s wedding which had an outdoor ceremony. It was a nice day but it was chilly so remind me when I get married to do it indoors. I was warm enough with my three layers that I ended up giving my coat to Bruno’s fiance, Christine. Soon after the ceremony, Becky got stranded out at a nearby Bob Evans (I never got the story of why she was out there), but I was dispatched to go help. I arrived, turns out her battery was leaking acid, and she needed a jump start every time she wanted to start the car.

The wedding was tre nice, and the reception was great too. I love wedding dance music. I wonder if I can get a playlist from a DJ. And oh the train. We had a train so long that there was no way that it would all fit on the dance floor and I was at the head. Nads and Sara looked great together, that relationship should make the long haul.

Saturday night I drove home because it was more economical than renting a hotel room just for myself, but I had to go to Angola (close to Ft. Wayne) the next day. I made my way out there just in time for the family photo shoot we were doing at my brother’s studio, or at least I thought it was going to be in a studio. Alas it was outdoors, and this time I was a little underprepared for an entire afternoon in the cold, but I managed to stay warm by walking around and playing with Jon’s dog, Callie. My brother and I have a lot more in common than I often admit, and it was good to sit down and talk about some of those things over dinner on Sunday.

Then it was home and sleep, for Monday would be filled with “excitement”.

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