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October 8, 2006 / TildeWill

Everything is “Bon”

What a kick ass weekend. Saturday morning I gave a presentation (45 minutes long, holy crap) to my fencers and their parents about the training cycles in fencing. So the cycles are half bogus in the sense that a fencer should always be at the top of his/her game, but it emphasizes adding private lessons to improve, which the fencers need to do. I also got to communicate when the “busy times” are for fencing, so parents don’t schedule vacations for those times, and fencers can avoid signing up for other activities, not realizing that they’ll be in direct conflict with their fencing goals.

Saturday afternoon I slept. I was up till 3AM the night before, finishing up twoweeks worth of preparation for that presentation (overhead slides, folders with color graphs, the works). So getting up at 8AM the next day put a dent in my sleep count. Everything is banalced now.

Sunday, oh Sunday. I dedicated this day to working on my Yoshi costume for HHalloween. That holiday always has a nack of sneaking up on me, but not this year. I managed to get the main body all stiched together (zipper, arms, and dino-scales on the back). So it is actually wearable and let me tell you it looks sweet! I can’t wait till I get the elastic on the cuffs and get the hood made. The look will be completed when I make a paper-mache (sp?) Yoshi nose. Well actually the look will be completed when I’m standing next to Princess Peach and Mario is punching me in the back of the head trying to get me to eat something.

Lastly, tonight!!!! So I’ve started to go to coffee houses again. Bars are too damn noisy and I don’t enjoy the clientele, so I went looking for options. Last Sunday I went to the Village Coffee House which was sparsely populated, but had good apple cider. Tonight I went to Vienna because it looked a lot more alive. Sure enough I managed to sit down near an attractive group of ladies. As I was trying to work up an entry line one of them started talking about Settlers of Catan (a board game I enjoy), so I jumped right in. I managed to talk a lot to Bethany who is a free lance music instructor. We had a lot to chat about being out on our own and how our markets were the same/different. I gave her my card and told her to call me next time they were playing Settlers.

Here’s to keeping my fingers crossed.


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