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September 21, 2006 / TildeWill

The week thus far

Monday, no beef, but I think it was the beginning of my friend-withdrawl. I had dinner with Dickerson and Lady Lauren Sunday night. I always feel a little empty after Dickerons leaves. I’d also seen a lot of Nads lately and I knew I wouldn’t see him for a few weeks.

Tuesday, it all fell apart. Everything. The friend withdrawl. The 5AM at the YMCA. My supply of Cocoa-Cola ran out the day before so I ended up having a monster headache from caffeine withdrawl. That and I miss having a girlfriend; someone to talk to about my life. Instead I have a blog and friends who get bits and pieces. I went through my home school class, ran some errands while tears ran down my face form the headache, came home and took a one hour nap before I had to wake up for my evening class. I wasn’t going to be a good coach so I wrote a note on the door and went home.

Wednesday, much better. I woke up to have lunch with my mom. I don’t like to think of myself as one of those people who always goes to the parents when he has a problem, but it was really nice to talk to her and get some of it off my chest.

Today, back on track. Somewhere on Tuesday night I picked apart my life enough to know what parts were really eating me. Some are in my control, some not so much. Other things aren’t in my control, but I tip the scale in my favor (like finding a date). My coaching style has started to change as of recently at RCF too. I make kids do push-ups when they’re late (they’ve stopped being late and have started to call me when they’re not going to be there, it’s awesome).

In quasi-unrelated news: My ex, Kris, is going on a date with her ex, who cheated on her. I know she probably reads this so I’ll just leave you to make your own conclusions.

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