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September 17, 2006 / TildeWill

What’s It Worth

So cruising through my current insurance policy for RCF I realized that I do not have coverage for any products I manufacture. This includes my Software Scoring Machine that I’m eager to distribute. So now if I want to go forward to this I have to go get something like product liability insurance. I don’t know where to get that, and I’m sure that none of my existing insurance companies provide the kind of coverage my business needs so I’ll have yet another bill to manage. I’d like to say I have faith in the population and that no one would get hurt or incur financial losses because of my great new invention, but that’s not realistic.

So now what? Can I really sell this thing at the price I want and not incur a financial loss of my own? Is there any insurance against a bad business venture? Because more and more that’s what this thing sounds like.

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