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September 16, 2006 / TildeWill

It’s Like I Have 20 Kids

Last night after Friday Night Fights at River City Fencing, I left feeling pretty good about a well run tournament. I had gone out to Stak ‘N’ Shake with Steve to have someone to talk to for a while and partially to keep him out of trouble. So I got home close to 1AM and crashed in my bed.

Four hours later my phone is ringing. I didn’t answer it, but good phone calls never come at 5AM, ever. So I checked my voice mail and it was the parent of one of the fencers at Friday Night Fights. Their daughter hadn’t come home last night and they were trying to track down who she might be with. So I gave them the name of the guy she was hanging out with since he was a Purdue fencer. I decided to stay up in case they needed my help for anything and an hour or two later I get a call that they found her and she’s ok.

But it was just like when my brother disappeared, only instead of feeling like a brother, I felt like a father and I worried about all the things that could have happened to her and how I could have prevented it if I had been paying attention more closely. it was not a good feeling at all.


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