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September 11, 2006 / TildeWill

Can You Understand My Plight?

The Great Dickersonian made a special effort last time he was here to look up an online role playing game called The Kingdom of Loathing. You go to the site and it’s very plain, the drawings are all stick figures, but you quickly learn that the simplicity is its strength. It was easy enough to make a character, and they’re all humorous satires on your standard D&D type classes. Everything is meant to be funny, some jokes are good, others are not, but they keep ’em coming so it’s hard not to laugh.

So my plight… they have this “adventure” counter, that only lets you do so many adventures per day. And F if I didn’t burn through my first 120 adventures in an hour. Fortunately I had picked up some beer in the game, which gave me an extra 23 adventures. But now they’re all gone and I have to wait until the next day before I can do much of anything.

P.S. I’m MrMogwai if any of you readers decide to join.


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