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September 10, 2006 / TildeWill

No Plans = Good Weekend

Last night I got a call from Paul looking to go out to a bar. Sweet! There’s tons of non-Cactus bars that I’ve been meaning to go to. He suggests Hunter’s Down Under. It’s a smallish place that’s on the corner of 3rd and Ferry-ish. I never saw a sign, but it’s one of these pubs that you have to walk down step to get in to (a la “Cheers”). We grab a table and a couple of drinks. Paul scopes out a couple of ladies and I give him the push to go talk to them. Somehow in the chaos he ends up having to give a crotch shot to a bachelorette. Meanwhile I’m making eyes with a cute blond wearing a football jersey. Turns out her name is Paige and she talks to me for a while just as Paul returns from one of his adventures. Later, Paul hits the head and Paige is on her way out and gives me a kiss good bye. By the end of the evening Paul and I are looking around and there really wasn’t a single attractive woman in the club that one or both of us didn’t talk to. All in all it was a good little pub, a good guy to go to the bar with, and a good time was had. And Paul got a kick out of not having to drive, so I’m glad that worked out.

Today I managed to get a fair amount of yard work done that I had been meaning to do (like getting the poison ivy off the steps I use every day). I also cleaned the inside of my car since it needed it. Yesterday I got a new shower curtain bar up, so my shower feels like it’s got some more room to it now. Now I’m just kickin back and thinkin about dinner.


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