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September 3, 2006 / TildeWill

Because It Is Easier

When I’m single I start to run through the mental book of women I’ve considered dating in the past. This worked well back in high school when all the women I knew were within a 10 mile radius. Now the women I know are scattered across the whole damn country. I know these days that such thoughts are pretty foolish, but the reality is that thinking about the women I know is a lot easier than going out and finding new ones.

Now lets pretend for a second that I had the cast iron ego that some think I have, that the pain of rejection is not a factor. Instead just consider the time-money expense of finding someone new. First you have to find people. This often means picking up a new hobby. Hobbies are rarely free and you have to put in the time to be active enough in it to meet someone. Then maybe ya do meet someone and you set up a date, now that’s another chunk of the ol’ schedule and budget (assuming a dinner date). Now add on that not all of them will work out. Sometimes she doesn’t like you, sometimes you don’t like her. Then it is back to square one.

This is why I also like the internet personals. The cost is pretty low (~$30/month) compared to 3-4 dates in the same time span at that price or more. You get to set up some criteria, and you do it when it works for you. For me, my job is right over prime dinner time. The weekends are goosed for tournaments. I can answer email anytime, so that system just works better for me. Otherwise…

…lunch anyone?


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