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August 29, 2006 / TildeWill


Saturday I traveled to the not-so-distant land of Dublin, OH which is just outside Columbus. The reason: Referee the Great Lakes Fencing Team Challenge. The Pay: One talking deer head+mileage. As it turned out I was the ONLY ref there and they couldn’t find the deer head so they just wrote me a check. The turnout was low thankfully so we were done by 5:30 and I made a phone call to Molly since she lived in Dayton which I would be passing by. She had just returned from Texas and so we set up dinner at Olive Garden.

It was a much needed dinner. I got to laugh, talk about non-fencing things (and fencing things of course) and listen to some new stories as well as get to know Molly a bit better. She’s an interesting “hub” of Will Read life. She fenced with Heather, took classes with AnneC, dated my former roomie, Bruno, and pretty much turned me down flat when I wanted to date her. After that last incident I’m pretty surprised that we’ve kept in touch. She’s usually impressed that I keep in touch with her after the Bruno break up. I guess we just impress each other.

So now she’s back at law school and she’ll be finished in a year. She connected with Brittany about law school back at my going away party when I was moving out of Cinci. I find myself thinking that it’s too bad she lives in Ohio otherwise there could be good times had by all. So like many of my other friends I’m forced to be content to see her when I see her and talk to her when I talk to her.


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