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August 22, 2006 / TildeWill

Sing Fat Lady! Sing!

Summer is officially over in the land of Will! Purdue is back in session as are the grade schools. Kris has moved out so I’m alone in my apartment again. The air is getting cooler so I’m trying to use the AC less.

But it means fencing is ramping up again. I’ve already got two gigs as a referee lined up for the fall. I’ve also planned out most of the competition schedule for the entire year. I need to know when Purdue is going to be holding it’s opens and if they want me to coach meaning I’d tag along to the team events. Busy!

Next week is my last week before everything gets even busier. I’m planning to have RCF open an additional 9 hours each week, plus the home school group and the YMCA starts the week afterwards.

Strangely though, everything is falling into place, the way things magically seem to do around me. It’s weird. I’d like to say that I have some part in that, but I know some of it has to be everyone else, or voodoo, or pixie dust. Basically summer is over, new things beginning, end of non-cohesive-rant.


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